As the second lockdown officially ends and various parts of the UK go into differing COVID-19 restrictions, the challenges faced by HR will depend upon where their employees are geographically.  

Still Working From Home:

While it's great news that a roll out of the first vaccine will begin soon, we’re still facing disruption for some time to come. For HR, what may have begun as emergency measures to manage a remote workforce seems to be evolving into a fixture for the foreseeable future (I know one person who’s been told there’s no return to the office until June 2021!).

How Has HR Changed?

As HR Directors and Training Managers have adapted and become adept at handling each challenge and change, it seems to be they have emerged as the group who gets least support.

Throughout this year there have been surveys and reports on the effects of remote working on employees, with an emphasis on mental well-being and the need for training and development to move online. Much has been written on what HR needs to do and how it must change, but little time has been given to the training and development needs of those whose responsibility it is to look after everyone else.

While the term ‘new normal’ has become a cliché, it’s true that how HR operates has changed considerably. From a standing start, they’ve shifted processes online, developed new policies, adopted new technologies, implemented new safety regimes and government schemes such as furlough. They’ve done an amazing job, but isn’t it time to ask what can be done for them?

Has HR Received Extra Training?

As the pandemic raged, the role of HR has shifted and they’ve had to develop broader business knowledge and skills. This is particularly important as organisations change and adapt as circumstances demand. So why aren’t HR and Training Managers getting proper management training?

If you are an HR/Training Manager, please comment and share what support you are receiving or would like to receive.

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