With foreign travel from the UK banned until May, many of us will wonder where we can go once lockdown restrictions ease. Personally, I’m looking forward to visiting family and friends that I haven’t seen in months. In business terms however, where next? is a more complex question.

Where Are We Now?

As the economy begins to reopen, business leaders will be watching to see the extent to which changes that occurred over the last year have become permanent. They’ll be considering how their organisations will need to evolve, and be aware that the skills to cope with this evolution may not currently exist in their workforce.

The Shift to Digital:

The most noticeable change over the last year has been the shift to digital. We’ve been working from home, using video conferencing, and implementing cloud based collaboration tools. Marketing and sales have pivoted away from the conferences, user-group meetings, and face2face sales meetings that previously were the backbone of generating revenue.

The truth is that buyers, both B2B and B2C, are now more likely to do a lot of online research as a first step on the buying journey. Rather than waiting passively for a sales call or for seeing a new product/service at an exhibition, there has been a swing towards actively identifying a need and researching potential solutions.

It’s because buyers can easily access information, and very often find sites that offer comparisons for the products/services they’re looking for, that organisations must swiftly shift to (a) better understanding client needs, and (b) offering a more personalised service.

Retrain and UpSkill:

So organisations need to become more agile, and that means their workforce need to be capable of pivoting to new tasks and roles. Recruitment can be a slow and expensive method of acquiring new skills, so it makes more sense to retrain and up-skill existing employees to meet new needs.

This is not such a massive task as the shift to digital has resulted in a large number of training and learning options available to employers. It’s just a question of finding the solution that best suits the needs of the individual organisation and it’s workforce.

We Can Help:

Learning Software Ltd offers a range digital learning solutions, and soon we’ll also be able to offer a Learning Management Solution (LMS). Contact us for more information.