At the beginning of 2020, how we’d trade with the rest of the world seemed to be the biggest business challenge the UK faced. Now, with Covid-19, calls for real action to address racism, as well as still not knowing what’s happening with trade, it feels like our foundations have turned to quick sand.


As we work towards adapting to an uncertain future, preparedness should be our watchword. We can prepare for likely outcomes, make contingency plans, and map out where we’d like to be and how we can get there. Of course there is training to help managers and employees deal with everything, but when was the last time someone checked to see if the content addressed today’s concerns? 

Training Needs Have Changed:

That’s the problem with digital training – it sits on an LMS which generates reports about who has completed what training, but who’s thinking about how training needs have changed? To keep employees engaged, motivated and loyal, considering their needs in uncertain times is a must. So, is it time to review both the content and how it’s delivered? I think it is.

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