eLearning Or Something Else

There are many e-learning companies that offer a “turn-key” Learning Management System (LMS), pre-loaded with generic business and health & safety courses. They can also develop bespoke e-learning that’ll run on the LMS too. Quite a few will even host your LMS.  

We’re different, disruptive. All we offer are solutions to make training your people easy.

Immersive, Interactive, Engaging

Learners benefit from immersive, interactive training, in 3D or Virtual Reality (VR) that relates directly to their workplace. 

You can achieve this, without hiring elearning experts or outsourcing production to a specialist VR company, by licensing TAGGIS, our easy to use authoring tool. Simply capture images of your plant, machinery and processes, add interactivity to create your own immersive training in the workplace, and edit in response to learning feedback. This creates an efficient “learning loop” that remains engaging and effective.

Developing Leaders

Your future leaders need continuous professional development (CPD), utilising the latest business thinking, not stuff that was relevant several years ago. They also need inspiration to read and think more. This is what makes business book summaries so effective … the key ideas are extracted and presented in small, easy to absorb text or audio files.  If required, several summaries can be combined into a course with assessment at the end, so you can track everyone’s progress. 

What Disruptive Means To US

Our aim is to make it easy for organisations to provide engaging learning that delivers real benefits as employees actually absorb new information. We achieve this through offering SCORM compliant solutions that and can integrate with your LMS. 

Move beyond click-next elearning and get your employees’ attention by offering something disruptive.

Learn more about Taggis and Soundview, or contact us to set up a free trial.