Resilience (noun): 1: the ability to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened. 2: the ability of a substance to return to it’s usual shape after being bent, stretched or stressed. *

Submarine Life:

I’m a single parent, home alone with two teenagers (Number 1 son is at Manchester Uni’) and am quietly impressed by the resilience of my lovely daughter and Number 2 son. Trapped at home with an ageing, stressed, working-from-home father, they are missing their friends, school, activities, sports and the other, perhaps best left undescribed activities, that mark teenage years.

With the exception of a daily “government approved” walk or cycle, as with all of their contemporaries, they are getting on with the business of online learning, battling with their pals in some virtual Culloden or Agincourt on the Gamestation, howling with laughter at something doubtless rude shared on social media, and generally getting on, uncomplaining, with submarine-like life aboard HMS “Dad’s House”. I’ve even caught them reading!

Grace Under Pressure:

Current planning from Whitehall dictates that our mission will end on March 8th but we may get new orders. Regardless, we have to keep going, stay cheerful and keep each others’ spirits up if we’re going to beat this bloody awful virus. And that, I hope, is how my beautiful daughter and Number 2 son will learn some of the qualities required to be leaders.

Meanwhile, I remain impressed by their resilience and the resilience of all the other young people, their parents and carers, who are working together to get through this difficult time. “The best motto for a long march is “Don’t grumble. Plug on.”” **

Developing Leadership Skills:

There are other qualities required to make an effective leader. Take a look at some of the e-learning courses we’re offering and our business book summary library to find the skills you will need. Or contact us for more information.


**Sir Frederick Treves