Now that we’ve resigned ourselves to the third lockdown, the realisation has come that January 2021 is more déjà vu, than New Year. None-the-less, as the vaccine rollout gathers pace, we can still look ahead, although with more realistic expectations. 

My New Year’s resolution is not to focus on the negative, but to look forward with realistic expectations of how business is going to operate in this new decade. The place to start is to look at those things that are within our control and work at getting these in order while keeping an eye on what’s going on in the wider economy.

Truth is, the concerns we face today are pretty much the same as those we faced last year. By now it should be clear which strategies worked, which didn’t, and what we need to do more of, and what needs to be done differently.


Businesses have had to adapt, quickly and significantly, over the last year. The implementation of training, as well as training content, had to be shifted online to reflect these changes. For those who already had some digital training, it was more a question of expanding this. For others it was a dive into the deep end of online education.

The Future:

However, beyond providing the training employees need now, employers must bear in mind the changes that are occurring that are not pandemic related. We know that not enough people are being trained in the skills that will be needed in just a few years.

So if you, as a HR professional or business manager, are reviewing how your organisations training will be developed this year, are you taking a longer view and asking what skills will be needed in three, five or ten years from now? Who are you going to up-skill and reskill to ensure your organisation has the right people to ensure it can cope with whatever the future brings?

How We Can Help:

Learning Software Ltd offers digital learning solutions to help organisations ensure their people have the knowledge and skills they need. Take a look at our business book summaries and off-the-shelf elearning, then please contact us for more information.