A survey by HR Magazine indicates that building critical skills and competencies will be the main priority for HR leaders next year. While this is good news, how and when this skill building will take place has yet to be determined.

What About Business Leaders?

For business owners who don’t have a HR manager, and even senior executives who do, professional development is often overlooked. It really shouldn’t be this way, after all, the people who are steering the enterprise need to have the best knowledge and skills to do so.

In psychology the Johari Window Model explores how an individual has ‘Blind’ areas, i.e. things that they don’t know that others do. For business leaders, these blind areas can be weaknesses, but ones that can be remedied by identification and acquiring of knowledge.

Many business leaders have some idea of where their knowledge or skills may be lacking, but are often too focused on running their organisations to have the time to fill these gaps. Many seek business books that offer what they need, but it takes a lot of time to find the right books, read them and understand the key points. 

A Practical Solution:

There is, however, a digital solution that delivers key insights from the best business authors by summarising their books into 4 or 8-page text and audio summaries. Covering over 60 business competencies and accessible online, or through a mobile app, to read, listen, and learn wherever or whenever is convenient.

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