The old adage tells us to “Expect the Unexpected” but even if you could have foreseen the disruption of Covid-19, what could businesses have done to mitigate the effects of a three-month lockdown?

The Unexpected

In January, and even early February, Covid-19 was something that was happening elsewhere. Even as we watched the reports of tourists trapped on cruise liners, few of us expected what was in store for us. Now after three months of lock down, it feels like things will never get back to what they were before.

The Fall Out

For businesses, the effects are without precedent. Whole sectors, especially those focused on travel and hospitality, have been devastated. For many of us, home working has become the norm. Few of us expect to travel for business a faction of the amount we did previously. While we generally despised video conferencing before, it has been a lifeline these past few months.

Whatever plans businesses had at the beginning of the year; these must now be hastily reworked. The old certainties have gone and we’re all struggling to deal with this new environment. 

Managers and leaders are under extreme stress – not just the practicalities of keeping their organisations functioning, but with the emotional and mental strain of dealing with a situation for which there is no roadmap. There is no experience of a previous, similar situation to use a guide.

How To Cope

So how do managers make the mental shifts to enable them to consider new ideas, new working methods, new everything? There are many great business minds that have shared helpful strategies in their books – but who has time to sort through a mass of books to select the right ones, let alone actually read an entire library to find the key points?

Fortunately, Learning Software has a solution. The best of the latest business books summarised into 20-minute audio or 8-page PDF files. Titles cover over sixty different competencies and new titles are added every month, allowing you to develop a library of knowledge relevant to your specific needs. This can be integrated into your LMS or made available via the Cloud.

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