Yesterday I heard an interesting radio discussion around the topic of employers making COVID-19 vaccination a requirement to enable employees to return to work. Given the points raised by various callers, employers are going to have to make some tough decisions.

Points Raised:

Market Advantage: there’s a plumbing company in London that is already saying that all it’s plumbers will be vaccinated – for all businesses, but particularly B2C, claiming your employees are 'safe' is going to be a competitive advantage.

Age-ism: the vaccine is being rolled out to the general population by age. Any employer mandate will adversely affect younger people, as they must wait longer for the vaccine.

Moral right: do employers have any moral right to over-ride the personal choice of individuals as regards taking a vaccine when the government hasn’t made it compulsory? 

The slippery slope: if employers are permitted to insist on vaccinations, does this open the door to employers making other demands and altering employment contracts without negotiation?

Exceptions: as mentioned above, some people have medical conditions that will prevent them taking the vaccine. However, what can be done when people object for religious reasons, simple fear, or because they believe it’s an attack on their personal liberty?

Personal Versus Professional:

I can’t wait to get the vaccine, as I see it as the only way to getting back to getting out this submarine life (see my blog on Resilience), and actually spending time with people outside my household. 

Professionally, I’d like to believe that those I work with see the benefits of everyone being safe. But, rather than simply imposing this believe on others, there is value in being able to present a reasoned argument for the decision, and giving employees the opportunity to respond. Addressing their concerns is more likely to gain agreement than a simple demand.

Good Decision Making and Communication:

As with any business decision, success will depend upon the quality of the decision- making process, and quality communication to gain employee acceptance. To help your organisation we offer off-the-self management training courses, and, continuous management training through our business book summary library. 

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