When change comes, we can either embrace the challenge and control it’s impact on us, or face being overwhelmed by a new reality.Outside of a pandemic, “fast” change tends to be an idea that’s around for a while before people recognise how it can be leveraged. Failing to see the opportunity early enough forces you into the position of frantic catch-up.  

Failure To See Change Coming:

In 2000, I sat in a meeting in which an eCommerce specialist, in a now defunct business, described how easy it could be for people to buy cars via the Internet. A senior manager in the room dismissed the idea, confident that the only way to sell cars was on a forecourt.  I don’t relate this story to sneer at anyone, but at the time it was so easy to dismiss major capital purchases being made on the Internet. Today, we’re clearly in a period of change, between COVID and Brexit, businesses need to look ahead and plan, or risk being left behind. 


Something that should not be overlooked is that it’s not just the nature of the business world that is changing; it’s also attitudes to various aspects. Many employees will have welcomed the freedom from expensive, time-consuming and stressful commutes, while employers are reconsidering the expense of large offices. Then there is all that business travel, some of which may still be worthwhile, but how much can now be viewed as unnecessary or even dangerous to the health of the populace?

These changes in attitudes are likely to have a significant impact on the business travel, hospitality, and conference industries. Likewise, face2face off-site training and team building are unlikely to return to pre-pandemic level.

Plan Now:

We have long known that the types of jobs available in the future, and the skills needed, will be different than those required in the past. Now is the time for organisations to take the long view – about where they are heading and what is required to get there. 

We're Changing Too:

I’m taking my own advice and have been looking at where I want to take Learning Software. That’s why I’m working to introduce both an LMS and bespoke elearning production as part of our services.

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