After the nightmare of the last year, there are lots of reasons to be cheerful right now, with 22.3M [1] people in the UK receiving their first dose of the COVID vaccine, as new infections continue to decline.

More Good News:

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has upgraded its forecasts for global and British economic growth [2]. More importantly, the kids are back at school, and even the double-glazing salesmen are knocking on doors with great offers. While my car was being serviced yesterday, I questioned the sales guy on the number of “Sold” signs on windscreens, and he reported a big uptick in sales since the budget was announced. Apparently, big diesel estates that can tow caravans are particularly in demand.

The Dirty Laundry:

With all these positive signs, it’s a little depressing that our news should be dominated with some very public washing of royal dirty laundry. With so many families struggling with stress and grief over the last year, do we really need conversations to be dominated by the divisive fairy tale of ‘commoner marries prince and things don’t work out’?


Any injustice requires a measured response, but in airing grievances, there is a danger of retaliation, and this often escalates an already difficult situation. Once the escalation begins it rapidly gets out of control, both sides involved adopting “silo-thinking”. At this point reasonable negotiation becomes difficult, if not impossible. With no way to break out of the silos, positions become fixed and everyone suffers from the division.


Early, proactive intervention and skilled conflict management are required to stop challenging situations from getting out of control and processes breaking down. Learning Software Ltd. can help with our online learning, created to help keep your employees focused on the positive and diffuse conflict.

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[2] BBC news