It is a truth universally acknowledged that an air-con system with a malfunction is in want of the hottest day of the year.  Although this year we have the deeper philosophical question of “does the air-con malfunction if there is no one in the office?” this mini heat wave has me focused on the real issue: the Air-Con Wars.

The Tribes:

Those of us who’ve worked in offices with air-con are familiar with the various tribes whose annual warfare erupts as the temperatures rise each summer. There are the Heat Adverse, marked by wearing shorts even when it snows, who cannot bear temperatures above seventeen degrees. Then we have the “Hot-house Flowers” who wilt when the mercury falls below twenty. The Greens whose battle cry is “Do you realise what air-con costs the environment?” and the Accountants, “I don’t know about the environment, but I know what it costs the company!”

The resulting battles over the air-con controls are not pretty. On, off, up, down – all day long. 

Really, it’s no surprise the air-con just gives up and refuses to work. It just picks the hottest day out of spite.

Keeping The Peace:

The big problem for management is that no one is happy and productivity suffers along with everyone else. While the unacknowledged truth is that there is no one solution that will please everyone*, what does help managers are the skills to deal with the warring factions.

We Can Help:

Learning Software offers a range of off-the-shelf elearning modules that include Conflict Management, Managing Teams, and Communication Skills. 

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* Free ice-cream only makes everyone happy, briefly.