In the movie Clockwise a character played by John Cleese exclaims, “I can take the despair, Laura. It’s the hope I can’t stand”.  Clearly he’s become so inured to how bad things can be it’s just easier to expect the worse.

Reason To Hope

For many of us 2020 has been a tough year in both professional and personal terms, and we too are struggling to feel hope. But with the announcement of the first Covid-19 vaccine, perhaps we can start to think about things getting better.

So much has changed this year, and given that it will be many months before we can expect a full easing of restrictions, it’s unlikely that things will return to how they were. Different, however, can still be good. 

Face2Face Will Have Greater Value

Once social distancing is no longer required I think that face-2-face business meetings will occur, and they will be of greater significance, as travel is no longer a norm. 

We’ve become so accustomed to virtual interactions; I think this will give a gravitas to in-person meetings. It will be interesting to see if the handshake will return, or if that will have been lost in our consciousness of hand hygiene. 

Planning For The Future

If a rollout of a vaccine does begin in the next month or so, we can perhaps begin to plan for next year. Hope does that, it lets us lift our heads and makes us look forward. If we can plan, we can overcome the obstacles in our path.So let’s allow ourselves to hope.

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