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We offer a range of solutions to make your digital learning easy. Explore what we have to offer and talk to us about your organisation’s needs, so we can help you find the solution that’s right for your learners.

If you need a Learning Management System (LMS) to host your training materials and deliver detailed reports on how each of your people are doing, we can get you up and running with a month's free trial. If you need a solution to develop your managers and future leaders, take a look at our business book summary library. If you have existing, non-digital training material, we can convert it into e-learning, or develop new bespoke e-learning for you.


our mission

Given the challenges employers face with hybrid and multi-site working, Learning Software’s mission is to simplify the enablement of training and development by providing an easy-to-use learning management system (LMS), which can host both off-the-shelf and bespoke e-learning, and a professional development library resource. Designed to grow with an organisation, our turnkey solution is both efficient and cost effective for any size or type of organisation. 

Our on-going aim is to create an evolving portfolio of tools from which clients can easily identify and select those which offer the maximum benefit. We see ourselves not merely as a vendor but as a learning partner.

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Ready For Hybrid Working?

Hybrid working is now a 'thing', but organisations are struggling to figure it out. Employees who don't get the flexibility they desire are quitting in droves, having re-assessed priorities during lockdown. So what can employers do to attract and hold onto the talent they need?

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It's not just working life that changed for many during the pandemic. Those who worked from home have embraced a re-balancing between their home and working lives, and as a result are not rushing back to the office full time. Hybrid working, with the working week split between home and office, is presumed to be the new normal. So why is there resistance to the idea of hybrid work?

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Making Meaningful Training

It's not enough to import old training slides into an authoring tool and call it e-learning. Employees only value training they find meaningful. So what counts as meaningful training?

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