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Learning Software Ltd offers powerful solutions to let you take control of your organisation's digital learning. You can achieve engaging training without the complications and expense of outsourcing development.

Our solutions allow you to create immersive training for complex or hazardous situations, deliver micro-learning on a variety of devices, and access standard e-learning modules.

Taggis 360360o eLearning
Taggis 360

Create immersive training experiences

SoundviewBusiness Book Summaries

Deliver the best ideas in a variety of formats

eLearningOff-the-Shelf Courses

Ready to go elearning with your branding


our mission

Having worked in the elearning industry for many years, it was obvious that many programmes were not delivering the desired results. The key issues appeared to be lack of engagement (boring content), or content that is overly complex or too simplistic to accurately portray actual working environments.

Our mission is to help you identify the elearning software your organisation needs to produce great training and development for your employees. Contact us now to find out more.

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